About Us

We are a team of specialists with training in non-surgical spine treatment, surgical spine treatment, and radiology. Any information we give you is based on peer-reviewed internationally recognized standards of care.

By reviewing your MRI and comparing it to your symptoms, we can help you better understand your spinal condition and what information is relevant to you. Plus, we give you an overview of the most commonly used methods for treating your spinal condition.

This allows you to make more informed medical decisions in your treatment.

We will never laser you, manipulate your spine, stick needles in you or cut you. We just give you unbiased information.


Doesn't the MRI report tell me everything I need to know?

The MRI report is written in medical jargon that can be difficult to understand. Also, the radiologist is paid to identify everything he sees, not just the stuff that matters. It is often difficult for the person reading the report to understand which parts are important.

Why do you need the actual images?

Most MRI's are not read by someone who specializes in spine. And the radiologist who read the MRI does not know your symptoms. By looking at the actual images and knowing your symptoms, we can determine which parts of the image are actually clinically relevant.

Can't my doctor tell me everything I need to know?

They might, but it depends on their experience. Internists and family medicine doctors don't normally review the actual images. They go by the report which often does not specify what is most important.

Why don't you refer me to the right specialist?

The purpose of this service is to give you unbiased information. Although we can recommend the type of specialist you should see, we will never refer you to an actual person. We want you to be reassured that there is no conflict of interest in the information we give you

What if I have neck pain and low back pain?

 We can review the MRI for both your neck and your low back. Just submit each one separately.

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